Donation to the Children of Ukraine

A famous quote goes something along the lines of "The first casualty of war is always truth". In Russia's invasion of Ukraine, unfortunately we have seen a lot of this. Both lies and casualties. I cannot stress enough my condemnation of Russia's hideous actions, especially against the civil population of Ukraine. Since the day the first tanks rolled over the Ukrainian borders, I have blocked all sales to Russia and Belarus from this webshop and through Tindie, as I do not wish to support those regimes in any way whatsoever. But I feel I need to do more.

The civil population of a nation under attack is always innocent, and in particular the children of said population. They did not choose a war on their country, and yet they have to suffer terrible conditions and horrifying experiences fit for no-one, not even adults. If anyone, the children of Ukraine do not deserve the disgusting war they are now a part of.

Therefore, for the entire month of April, I will donate 25% of all sales in this webshop to UNICEF's efforts to help the children of Ukraine. I have already supported this and other causes privately and am doing so continuously, but I feel that this is a good way to be able to do even more. As AutumnHippo is my hobby project, I only barely make enough money to cover every next batch of parts sourcing once website costs, payment fees, taxes and everything else has been paid, so 25% will eat well into my parts costs. But I am of course happy to do that for the good cause.

As always, most of my products for sale here are open source, so you are able to make them yourself without buying anything through me. Thus, you are very welcome (encouraged, even) to do so. In that case, perhaps you would then also consider donating what you can directly to UNICEF or any other organisation helping victims of the war in Ukraine and/or other charities around the world or locally?

Thank you!

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