VAT and Import Taxes/Duties

Please note that all AutumnHippo's items (except made-to-order items; see below) are shipped from Denmark. Depending on where you are located, either Danish/EU or your local taxes and duties may be applied. Please see below for more details.

Orders to outside of the EU
If your order is shipped to outside of the EU, AutumnHippo does not charge any taxes or duties. Your local authorities may or may not charge your local VAT and/or import duties at the destination. Please check with your local authorities, as this varies from destination to destination.

Orders to inside of the EU
For orders to inside of the EU, AutumnHippo charges Danish/EU VAT. You will not be charged any import duties or additional VAT at the destination.

If you need to order for a registered EU business, please create a login and send me your valid EU VAT number before ordering so I can set up your account as VAT exempted.

Orders to Denmark
On orders to Denmark, AutumnHippo always charges Danish moms. Please create a login and contact me with your CVR number prior to ordering if you need an invoice stating your company name and CVR number.

Orders to Norway
On orders containing only items less than 3000 NOK each, to private persons in Norway, AutumnHippo charges MVA via the VOEC scheme. Orders are shipped out as per the VOEC agreement, which means you will not be charged any import duties or additional VAT at the destination.

Made-to-Order Items
Any made-to-order items (typically coffee mugs etc.) will be shipped directly from our supplier's warehouses around the world. If your order contains both stocked items and made-to-order items, that is no problem -- you will just receive two shipments: One from Denmark containing the stocked items (see above), and another one containing the made-to-order items.

Any made-to-order item will always be mentioned as such in the description page when ordering.

Our supplier always ships from their warehouse closest to you in order to minimise transit time and taxes/duties/fees at the destination. Although it cannot be guaranteed that your items will always ship from your customs region, our supplier will do their best to achieve this if possible from their warehouses in the USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.