Welcome to the AutumnHippo store!

I do various kinds of gadgets and other thingies, usually involving some electronics and not rarely for use with retro computers.

If you like retro computing and gaming, or you are a maker, builder, tinkerer, programmer like me, feel free to have a look around.

Retro Computing

Open Source Hardware

Many of my products are also released as open source hardware. This means that you can get the souce files, make any changes you like, and have them produced yourself.

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About AutumnHippo

The AutumnHippo store is run on a private basis by me -- my name is Thomas, and I am a maker based in Denmark. I sell my own products, as kits or in finished form, in many cases to provide an easy way to acquire all parts for my open sourced projects, as well as various other parts related to retro computing.