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The NES64 is a replacement PCB for use in an existing controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It brings one of the most popular and arguably best of the early game console controllers to the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari and other retro home computers.

The NES64 can be installed in either an original Nintendo controller or in a currently produced clone controller. Either way, it may be installed in a way that keeps your working (and perhaps even antique) controller fully restorable to its original state.

It features an optional switch that lets you jump in most games using the A button (Nintendo style) instead of the up-arrow (Commodore joystick style). The switch can be installed for external or internal access. The former is destructive to the casing, whereas the latter is not.

Available in the following configurations:

  • PCB only: You will need to get all other parts than the PCB yourself. You can find a list in the instructions (on the website, and shipped with board)
  • Kit with case: Everything you need to assemble the NES64 yourself. The included case is not an original Nintendo case, rather a recent reproduction. You may also mount the NES64 in your own original Nintendo case.

  • Fully assembled: Pure plug and play. You will receive the NES64 mounted in a recent reproduction case.
Every configuration (except PCB only) will come with approximately 1.8 m of cable.

Please note: Current reproductions of NES controller cases come in a huge variety from many different manufacturers. They are mostly identical, and they are all made to resemble the original controllers. However, they may still have differences, and this means the following:

  • NOTE 1 - For kits including a case, you may get a case that does not resemble the original controller entirely when it comes it its colour. Some manufacturers have gone for light grey, and some seem to have gone for a darker shade. I will not supply cases that differ wildly (such as red, blue, different button layouts, etc.), I will always try to source cases that *mostly* match the originals. However, colour/shade may differ over time as my sourcing changes.
  • NOTE 2 - If you intend to source your own reproduction case, you may find that the inside of your sourced case is slightly different than what the NES64 board was made for. Maybe a case pin was moved a few millimetres compared to the board hole that it was meant to fit. Maybe a hole in the board is slightly too small to fit a peg in your case. These issues are usually easily solved with a sharp knife or similar. I have already accounted for a lot of different case designs (including original NES case), but if you do encounter issues like this, I would very much appreciate an accurate, detailed description of how the NES64 doesn't fit your case and/or a link to where you sourced it, so that I can take it into consideration for future revisions.


NES64 website with assembly instructions

NES64 source files

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The NES64 was featured on Adrian's Digital Basement:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steven P
All amazing

Product is excellent, high quality, all great quality, great service, nothing bad to say, thank you!

Amazing Product!!

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Awesome quality and workmanship!! I bought 2 complete NES64 controllers to use on my Atari STs and they work amazing! Using them to play STario Land, it's honestly just like playing Mario on the NES (all buttons and physics are identical).. playing other games like Xenon, Turrican II, etc is so awesome... These are the real deal holyfield of gamepads for Atari ST if you're like me and never grew up with joysticks.

Amazing way to re-use broken NES controllers

I have a few genuine NES controller lying around and until I saw Adrians Digital Basement video about this product, I did not know what to do with them. So out of curiosity I immediately ordered my first kit. Assembled it, tried it out with my c64 and a500 and fell in love with it. No more soaring fingers. I LOVE it and I will order more!

NES64 is great!

NES64 is great! Nothing else to say! ;-) Personally, I set the up move for both up arrow and B buttons all the time. The A button is enough for fire on the Commodore 64. I don't need switch between one or the other.

Nice controllers

The NES64 controllers look good and work great. Especially platformers are much more comfortable to play with these than using a joystick. Size and layout match my original NES controllers precisely. The feel of the buttons is not exactly the same but I like the thought that no original controllers had to be harmed to create these. The PCB inside is nicely done with good silkscreen. There are pads for the START and SELECT buttons, too, which are made electrically available at solder pads on the PCB for custom wiring. (These buttons are not connected to the cable in the default configuration of the NES64 as they are not directly supported by the target platforms.) I noticed only one minor point that could be improved: The molded connectors are an *extremely* tight fit for my C64C. So much so that I fear a bit for the solder joints on the C64C's motherboard when I pull or wiggle them out. I hope they will become a bit looser with use.